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Dining table Blackbone gold 180

CHF 1779.00

Sofa table Bolder aluminium black

CHF 360.00

Dining table Tuxedo 230

CHF 2480.00

Coffee table Tuxedo

CHF 1272.00

Corner table Tuxedo

CHF 513.00

Corner table Bolder aluminium black

CHF 360.00

Coffee table Bolder set of 2 aluminium black

CHF 777.00

Coffee table Bolder aluminium black

CHF 1155.00

Display unit Hunter with 2-drawers

CHF 2526.00

Dining table Blackbone Matrix silver 240x100

CHF 2592.00

Coffee table Kensington 90x90

CHF 957.00

Coffee table Blackbone gold set of 2 round

CHF 1536.00