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Dining table Blackbone gold 180

CHF 1779.00

Dining table Tuxedo 230

CHF 2900.00

Corner table Tuxedo

CHF 513.00

Display unit Hunter with 2-drawers

CHF 2760.00

Coffee table Blackbone gold set of 2 round

CHF 1635.00

Sideboard Blackbone gold 4-doors

CHF 2655.00

Chest of drawers Blackbone gold with 2-drawers

CHF 1915.00

Display unit Blackbone gold

CHF 2325.00

Bar table Blackbone gold 160

CHF 2100.00

Display unit Blackbone silver

CHF 2200.00

Coffee table Blackbone silver set of 2 round

CHF 1490.00

Sideboard Blackbone silver 4-doors

CHF 2295.00