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Soho Etagère 3 Layers

CHF 162.00

Drinks and Sunshine Mini Tray

CHF 21.00

Perfectly Presented Serving Tray

CHF 77.00

RM Classic Oval Tray

CHF 172.00

Pied-de-Poule Tray 80x30

CHF 247.00

Pretty Hearts Serving Tray

CHF 118.00

KNIFE & FORK Cutlery box

CHF 81.00

AMAZON 2-set Bread basket

CHF 147.00

Serving Tray silver look 42x13 cm

CHF 54.00

Fifth Avenue Serving Tray 80x40

CHF 169.00

Sizzling Summer Party Plate

CHF 49.00

Rustic Rattan RM 48 Square Tray

CHF 71.00